Gender: Male

Species: Lion

Artist: Disney

Character Description

Much like his father Simba, Kopa is a rambunctious cub with a good sense of adventure. His curiosity never seems to fail him, leading him into many a situation around the Pride Lands, though his naivety often gets him into trouble. Even for a young cub, Kopa is considerably innocent, not always understanding even simple figures of speech, such as "family trees." Combined with his curiosity, his limited understanding of the world prompts him into action, leading him into trouble more often than not. Despite his innocence, Kopa thinks much of himself, boasting about his title as the future king of the Pride Lands. Like his father, he enjoys the prospect of becoming king and is not afraid to show off to his friends. Kopa's puffed-up pride is one downside of his, exposing his insecure side and stubborn attachment to looking strong. Even when scared, Kopa concerns himself with looking brave and capable, as seen when he is unwilling to turn down a foolish dare. His insecurity is noted by Rafiki, who chides Kopa for letting his sense cave to pride.

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